Hello, my name is Chris and I live in Cary, North Carolina.  I have been married to my wife 20 years and I have three children (6, 9, & 12).  I am a Kansas City native.  I pride myself on staying physically fit and eating well.  I love the feeling of being physically exhausted, knowing I have pushed my body to its limit.  I know it sounds painful, but it is truly my place of Zen.

I am a technology junkie, love all things Apple, and enjoy cool innovative products.  I want to write a fictional novel, which I have officially started and stopped multiple times.  Therefore, I have set a goal to complete this daunting task, sometime before the end of time.

I love to read about entrepreneurs, specifically Inc. and Fast Company being among my favorites.  I am intrigued with how social media will evolve and the impacts it may have, both positive and negative, on our society.


2 thoughts on “About

    • How long did you live in KC? I still miss KC, it will always be home for me. Great people, great city, great everything! And you are correct, the mid-west is very Zen-like! Wow, you really are skilled at WordPress. I wish I had your skills.

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