What is WorldBlu?

Who is the CEO of WorldBlue?

Who are the WorldBlu leaders?

What is their focus?

What are the WorldBlu core values?

What is the Blu100?

What is WorldBlue LIve and where is it being held?

What are the benefits of attending WorldBlu live?

Who will be speaking at WorldBlu Live?

What is a democratic workplace?

How can an organization become a member?

What is the benefit of a WorldBlu membership?

What are examples of democratic organizations?

What is organizational democracy?

What are the WorldBlu democratic principles?

How was founded?

Can my company become more democratic?

How can I become a freedom-centered and democratic leader?

Can these democratic organizations build a more democratic world?

Where is WorldBlu corporate headquarters located?

How do I contact WorldBlu?

organ democracy

WorldBlu is a global network of organizations committed to democracy and freedom in the workplace.

CEO:Traci Fenton

Traci Fenton
Founder + CEO
Miranda Ash
Global Director, Membership + Awards
Sam Chaltain
Global Director, BluSchools
Lisa Kensler, Ed.D
BluSchools Team

How democracy be applied in the business world. Specifically how a new concept of organizational democracy and freedom-centered leadership, very different from political democracy, can help build a more democratic world.

WorldBlu core Values:
Do it democratically
Be leading-edgy
Great, not just good design
Style baby
Create a ripple effect
Inspire healing and transformation

The Blu100 is a select group of change-management and leadership development experts from around the world. Each is dedicated to supporting the development and growth of democratic and freedom-centered workplaces worldwide. Each Blu100 member is certified to measure freedom and democracy in the workplace.

WorldBlu Live:
Hyatt Regency Denver
650 15th St
Denver CO 80202
WorldBlu Live 2013 is a premier gathering on freedom in the workplace. It is designed for individuals and organizations who recognize the power of freedom and democracy as a tool for increasing the bottom-line, promoting innovation, attracting top talent and inspiring engagement at all levels of the organization.

WorldBlu Live is more than just a conference, it is an experience for democratic innovation, a platform for rule-breakers, and an audience of revolutionaries. The program is taught by world-class leaders and guaranteed to leave all inspired.

Benefits of WorldBlu Live: Connect directly with more than 40 cutting edge speakers who are industry leaders and rule-breakers, rewriting the way we do business.

WorldBlu Live Speakers:
Garry Ridge
CEO of WD-40
Will McInnes
Co-founder + Managing Director of NixonMcInnes
Kent Thiry
Chairman + CEO, DaVita
Philip Rosedale
Founder + Chair, Second Life
Traci Fenton
Founder + CEO of WorldBlu
Bunker Roy
Founder, The Barefoot College
John Miles
CEO + Chief of What’s Next, Integritive
Ingrid Alongi
Principle + CEO, Quick Left
Alexander Kjerulf
Chief Happiness Officer, Wooho Inc.
Blake Jones
President + Co-Founder of Namaste Solar
Miranda Ash
Global Director of Membership + Community, WorldBlu
Kim Jordan
Co-Founder + CEO, New Belgium Brewing
Rich Sheridan
Founder + CEO of Menlo Innovations
Jennifer Colosimo
Vice President of Wisdom, DaVita
Phil Clothier
Chief Executive Officer, Barrett Values Centre
Vishen Lakhiani
Founder of MindValley
Dave Hoerman
Vice President, DaVita University School
John Engle
Co-Director, Haiti Partners
Sam Chaltain
Writer, educator and organizational change consultant
Sam Chaltain is Global Director, BluSchools at WorldBlu.

Democratic workplace is a system of organization that is based on freedom, instead of fear and control. It’s a way of designing organizations to amplify the possibilities of human potential — and the organization as a whole.
The concept of democracy comes from the Greek words “demos” and “kratein” which mean “the people rule”. The core of democracy is to allow people to self-govern and determine their own destiny.

Becoming a WorlBlu member:
Any organization may apply for membership as long as it has been in operation for at least one full year and has five or more full or part-time employees.
Applying for membership requires 4 steps:
Fill out the online application.
Select employees within the applying organization must take the WorldBlu assessment, which measures the level of freedom and democracy in your workplace.
Based on how your employees score the organization will be categorized as either “On the Path” member or a “Certified” member.
If your organization is a “Certified” member, it will also be recognized on the annual WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ announced the second Tuesday of April each year.

Benefits of WorldBlu membership: Your organization will be listed on the “most democratic list” and collaborate with other like leading organizations on democratic innovation.

Examples of democratic organizations:
DaVita – Denver, CO
Explore Communications – Denver, CO
Glassdoor – Sausalito, CA
Great Harvest Bread Company – Dillon, MT
Greenleaf Book Group – Austin, TX
HCL Technologies – Noida, India
Innovation Partners International – Washington, DC
Integritive – Asheville, NC
Menlo Innovations – Ann Arbor, MI
MindValley – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Namaste Solar – Boulder, CO
WD-40 Company – San Diego, CA
Woo-hoo! – Copenhagen, Denmark
Zappos.com – Las Vegas, NV

Organizational democracy: Organizational democracy is a system of organization that is based on freedom, instead of fear and control. It’s a way of designing organizations to amplify the possibilities of human potential — and the organization as a whole.

The 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy were put into practice on both the individual and leadership levels, and be supported by democratic systems and processes to have a successful democratic organization.
Purpose and Vision
Dialogue + Listening
Fairness + Dignity
Individual + Collective
Reflection + Evaluation

Founded: In 1997, the WorldBlu Foundation (originally the World Dynamics Foundation) was founded by Traci Fenton as a non-profit think-tank, dedicated to original research in organizational democracy.

Six years later, in 2003, WorldBlu, Inc. (formerly called World Dynamics) was launched as a for-profit leadership and business design studio. WorldBlu specializes in designing, building and transforming companies into highly successful democratic organizations and teaching the art of freedom-centered leadership. The WorldBlu Foundation is now the philanthropic arm of the WorldBlu Corporation.

Becoming a democratic company:
It’s a way of thinking
It’s personal
It starts with principles, not practices
The whole is greater than the parts
It begins at the top (usually)
It’s built on authenticity
It’s a continual evolution
Timing is key
The numbers provide the discipline

Freedom-centered leadership is grounded in a fundamentally new understanding of how the world works and how to lead living, dynamic, and self-organizing systems. Freedom-centered leaders work with the principles of democracy on three levels: personally, in their own daily practice; interpersonally, with others; and organizationally, designing environments in which individuals are free to uncover and express their unique leadership capabilities.

Building a democratic world: Currently two-thirds of the world continues to evolve towards political democracy and it is important to consider the net effect of using organizational democracy as a key component democratic development. Consider the potential benefits an organization operating democratically could have on furthering development in its country: Economic development benefit, anti-corruption and ethical benefit, and individual empowerment and civil society benefit, and foreign direct investment benefit.

Corporate Headquarters:
WorldBlu, Inc.
6607 Brodie Lane
Suite 738
Austin, TX 78745 USA

Contact information:
Traci Fenton
+ 1 202 251 8099

+1 202 251 8099
+ 44 7813 798083


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