Policy Updates and Job Opportunities


Effective immediately, our public editor will review all correction requests, either online or in print.  Any changes will be communicated on the company website, as well as within the respective publication.

Online corrections:  Any article published online is considered a final representation and should be treated as such.  Though the digital landscape allows for quick and easy editing, this will not be allowed unless approved by the public editor.  If an online publication is to be corrected, it must be done immediately (within 2 hours) and must be considered critical to the reputation of our organization or the author.  Examples include, but are not limited to, factual inaccuracies (such as financial, technical or scientific).

Print corrections:  Any article published in print is considered final and should be treated as such.  Correcting a publication in print is more challenging and costly to the organization, therefore there must be factual inaccuracies, which warrant the recall of the publication and a new edit.  If this is approved; the publishing editor will make a statement online to inform why the corrections are taking place, while offering an apology at the same time to the publication author.

Specific corrections:  Corrections will only be allowed if there is a serious error (i.e. factual or misleading information).  Corrections will not be made for misspellings or grammar errors.  Significant writing errors (grammar or spelling) will be forwarded to our publishing editor and HR to implement a specific program to minimize similar future errors.  This will also be the case for inaccuracies of information.

For further clarification, please send an email to our editor editor public@me.com if any of the above situations have been discovered.

Policy #1-Production

If evaluation of the error uncovers a production issue, regarding the specific publication in question, then a complete evaluation of the production process will be implemented. This could be as simple as why a suggested correction during the proofing process was not implemented.  Typing errors will also be addressed and a new process to ensure minimization of future errors.

Policy #2-Author or outside party

If an outside party (public domain) or the author happen to discover an error, the corrections will be signed and submitted to the publishing editor.  If there is a peer-to-peer disagreement regarding the article (co-author), the publication board and the editor will review the requests and a recommendation will be submitted to all parties.

Policy #3-Major correction

If an addendum is published, either online or in print, after a thorough review by the editor and board of directors; it will be published along with an explanation of why the changes are being implemented.  An addendum is rarely published and it will ultimately only be done if the addendum significantly changes the readers understanding of the article and the authors initial intended meaning.

Policy Adjunct-Crowdsourcing  

Crowdsourcing:  Effective immediately, all forms of crowdsourcing will be approved and monitored by the public editor.  This includes contests, Facebook, Twitter, and other social medias, where input may be solicited, including live news sourcing (citizen journalism). When a reader inputs information on our site, it will be highlighted in green to minimize confusion between our sites news reporting an input from outside sources.

Crowdsource information:  All incoming crowdsourced content must be validated, monitored and amended if the information is deemed inappropriate or highly inaccurate.  Information published online, as part of a crowdsourcing initiative, must be quantified to determine if there is a potential lack of creditability.  Much like Wikipedia, which states “credibility is a goal Wikipedia has struggled to attain,” known for having inaccuracies and considered by many to be an unreliable source of information.

Our news site will strive to eliminate those potential issues by having a dedicated section for our audience to share information.   A specific section called “a Community Place,” will be dedicated to encourage crowdsourcing, ultimately allowing this process to flourish, without impeding on the news information reported on other sections of our site.

News crowdsourcing:  Crowdsourcing will also be allowed within our news stories to encourage an interactive and communicative news experience for our audiences.  However, all outside comments will be highlighted in a blue box and distinguished as separate comments from the actual news story itself.

Job posting – VP of Social Media

iHealth News

October 28th, 2012

iKidHealth News is a news outlet designed to education readers and provide support for children’s healthy eating. iKidHealth News will focus on helping parents understand the challenges, risks and provide healthy eating solutions for children.  It also works closely with advocacy groups to encourage governing bodies Washington, DC to take a more active roll in state and federally funded programs for schools. This position will be located in Raleigh, NC, though a remote location can be discussed since most of the work can be done online.  The position will report up to the Chief Digital Officer located in our national headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

The VP of Social Media will oversee and lead the development of new social media strategies, implement the strategies, and managed all directors within the social media realm.  The VP will oversee efforts and employ processes, working closely with the IT director, to increase web traffic to the web site, and the respective social medias.

Primary Responsibility

  1. Work closely with all department heads, board members and lobbying officials, aligning with the current objectives and goals of the organization.
  2. Manage all social media campaigns, day-to-day activities, and work closely with the director of IT to make sure the website is active at all times.
  3. Promote a specific company image, aligned with the organizational goals, while managing the social networking sites, specifically, Facebook, Twitter, MySocialCloud, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the development of our own personal social site  (WackyWords).
  4. Demonstrate the ability to work cross-functionally with PR, finance and HR departments.
  5. Manage our company blog; making sure real-time updates are provided daily and the site is interactive among respective audiences.
  6. Demonstrate flexibility, creative ideas, and a willingness to take on additional projects, helping the organization expand its current audience.

Specific Skills and Knowledge Required

  1. MBA required.
  2. Self-motivated and results-oriented.
  3. At least 6 years experience working on social medias and Internet based strategies.
  4. Demonstrates an understanding of working closely with advocacy groups in Washington.
  5. Experience managing multiple projects within the social media arena.
  6. In-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms.
  7. Superior writing (blogging) and editing skills.
  8. Ability to meet challenging deadlines and a high-pressure environment.
  9. Basic knowledge of HTML and other like programming languages.
  10. Knowledge of basic nutrition a plus.

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